• Where is the studio located?

The studio is located in a detached house in Kraków (city center).

  • How can I check-in and pay for my stay?

We live in the same building so there is no problem whatsoever with payments and check-ins. We can also meet up a bit earlier and deal with all formalities in advance, so that you can enter the studio on your own without any third parties present.

  • Is the studio sound-proof?

The studio is sound-proofed with proper materials to the extent possible (walls, doors).

  • Is daytime rent without an overnight stay limited by a specific timeframe?

We are really flexible in this respect. The only criterion is that the rent ends by 11 PM.

  • Are there any restrictions as to the dalliance?

Any use of wax is strictly prohibited in the studio.

And we do not allow minors (<18).

  • Can I smoke in here?

Yes, smoking is allowed.

  • How is the studio equipped? (I do not mean bondage furniture)

An en-suite bathroom with a shower bath,

Air conditioning,


An audio player (you can bring your own music on a pen drive),

An electric kettle,

Wine glasses and tea cups,

Bedlinen and towels.

  • May I take pictures?

    Yes, you are allowed to take pictures.

If you intend to publish them on the Internet, please add the information about their location.

  • Should I clean the studio before I leave?

Cleaning service is included in the rent. We take care of it ourselves after each visit, so that all the equipment and accessories are clean and sterile.

       What else should I settle before booking the studio?


Assembling certain pieces of equipment require our help so the most important thing we need to know is what you wish to use. Providing us with the following details ensures that the studio will be prepared according to your preferences:

please state the cage’s height.

You can choose between 90, 135, 145 and 180 cm.